Photo: Tobias Schmücking

Oliver Bedorf, born 1968 in Offenburg is a musician, singer and actor. Before studying drama at ‘Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst’ in Stuttgart, he had singing-lessons with Birgit Krahforst Land and piano-lessons with Eckard Richelshagen. He received additional theater instructions at Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin by Jurij Alschitz and this later inspired Oliver to create site specific projects and concerts.    After his diploma and after working at Staatstheater Meiningen as an actor   he got in touch with the work of Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft Gießen. This motivated him to concentrate on interdisciplinary theatre-concepts – opening up space and rather using music as an interfering medium than using it as a descriptive soundtrack. During his work as a musician/composer in recent years, with dance-choreographer Gudrun Lange at Forum Freies Theater in Düsseldorf, he focused on the music of John Cage as well as on chance as an artistic strategy. Oliver uses field recordings and he composes electronic soundscapes. He plays e-bass, keyboards, modular-synthesizer and harmonica. His main passion, however, is working with his voice in order to both interpret songs and create noises. Falsetto-singing plays an important role in that respect.


Important Projects

Collaboration as a musician on the dance theatre piece Vom Vermessen by tatraum projekte schmidt in Düsseldorf 2017

Concept, music and performing for the audio-piece/ performance
Resonanz Im Fotoraum in the frame of the festival AIC ON in Cologne 2016

Participation as a musician and as a performer in the festival Along The Light at Ebertplatz in Cologne 2015

Collaboration as an actor on the theatre-production Kummerkasten Menschenstadt by Billinger & Schulz at FFT in Düsseldorf and at Mousonturm in Frankfurt 2014

Collaboration as a musician on the dance theatre piece Erschöpfung/ Einschöpfung by Gudrun Lange in Düsseldorf 2013

Collaboration with ponk for the performance Erstes Manifest zur Transformation von Clubkultur at Coco Schmitz in Cologne 2011

Collaboration as a musician on the dance theatre piece Emerging Merce by Gudrun Lange at FFT in Düsseldorf 2011

Collaboration as a musician on the LP/CD The Close Call by Niobe (Tomlab) 2011

Music and songwriting for the CD Einsamkeit In Der Disco by Zero Solaris 2010

Since 2006: concerts as Zero Solaris at various locations

Concept, music and performing for Konzert für 80 Kopfhörer (concert for 80 headphones) at Kunstwerk Cologne in 2005

Concept and music for the audio-piece/ Listening-Station O-Ton Motor in the frame of the exhibition MAIS in the bunker underneath Alexanderplatz in Berlin 2003

Concept, music and performing for kitchen window concerts in Cologne 2001-2010

2000-2005 concerts with the band microfunkbar at various locations

Collaboration as a musician and as a performer on the theatre-piece Lift Off by Kretzschmar and Hanstein in Gießen und Mousonturm Frankfurt 2000

Collaboartion as a performer on the theater-piece Training 747 by Stefan Kaegi and Bernd Ernst in Gießen and Darmstadt 1999