Photo: Rosanna D´Ortona

waschen schneiden hören – or – “Cuts from The inside“
music and performance: Oliver Bedorf
performance: Philine Herrlein
photography & public relations: Rosanna D´Ortona
circa 50 minutes
on 24.11.2018 and on 25.121.2018,
8 pm punctual
hairdressing salon „Jag´s Hair“, Brabanter Straße 33-35
free admission
audience limited – please pre-register

A hairdressing salon as a sound-archive and as a stage

Musician Oliver Bedorf and dancer Philine Herrlein show a performance in the hairdressing salon Jag’s Hair in Brabanter-Straße, Cologne/ Germany. Everyday noises recorded in the salon over a couple of weeks form the basis for a music-composition. The music is played via several ghettoblasters that are carried around in the salon, producing a choreography of sound, text-fragments and different resonances depending on their location in the space.

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