EMS Synthi A

For a few weeks, I had one of these. And I really enjoyed it. The guy, who owned it lent it to me, probably, because if he had had it at home at that time, it would have been taken away by some drugdealer, whom he owed money. Most likely. Maybe you would lend this machine to someone, you really know well, maybe you would lend it to your best friend. But you would definitely not just lend it to anyone (like me) – that´s for sure. The EMS is a little treasure and it´s quite expensive these days.
Besides the Matrix, which allows you to patch signal- and control-cv in an inspired and non-restricted way, I liked the potentiometers which offer you two speed-possibilities/ two way transmission. This allows very minimal filter-sweeps. Also the design is unique. The case resembles a small 1970ties plastic office case. I imagine having a good shave in the morning, wearing my best suit, then arriving in an empty skyscraper-office with the EMS, to fill the place with weird synth-noise. Surely some of the latest desktop-synth are inspired by this legendary machine.

Photo by Oliver Bedorf