Ebertplatz Resonanz

Ebertplatz Resonanz
15. – 20.09.2014
In the frame of the festival
Along The Light
Ebertplatzpassagen Köln
12 minutes

As part of the„Along the light“-festival at Ebertplatz in Cologne, I created a site-specific performance for ghettoblasters. At first I did some field recordings at the site/ on Ebertplatz. For the basic track, I recorded the guy, who cleaned the square in the mornings with his broom. Aditionally I created an analog synthesizer-drone and an organ-soundscape. Finally I used the metal fountain at Ebertplatz as a percussion-instrument. During the performance around one of Ebertplatz’s many pedestrian underpasses I played these four tracks on four ghettoblasters, each one illuminated by led-lights. The architecture of Ebertplatz became a resonating body for the sound – I changed the position of the ghettoblasters and I carried them around.

The festival was subisdized by Kunststiftung NRW