Pop/ Performance/ Krautrock/ Electro

microfunkbar Stereo Wonderland 2002

Structures of power run not between perpetrator and victim, between state and citizen, between classes of society or along a wall between east and west only. microfunkbar celebrates the microphysics of power. We make the music become the jail of our bodies! Our songs tie up our throats! In glass house a pop band is hanging on the wall. Weak-willed. Over spectators heads abundance of gaffa tape fasten our bodies and musical equipment to the wall. Three mummies made out of black gaffa tape squint into the light of headlamps. The fetter let free only our hands to hold a microphone or a bass guitar. Plaintive cry! microfunkbar performs a bondage concert. We play jailhouse revolts and start to moan. Gaffatape against gravity!

By Sylvi Kretzschmar for microfunkbar – performance as a part of M.A.I.S./ Arena Berlin/ Der freie Wille 06th of june, 2005

As a band/ art project microfunkbar existed from 2002 – 2005. The music was a mix of drum-machine, guitar – riffs. distortion bass-guitar and expressive german vocals. Influenced by theatre and by P-Funk-concerts, microfunkbar complemented the shows with bizarre performances. Site specific concerts out of windows, in a lift, in cinemas, on bridges and in parks. Performances in Cologne at Stereo Wonderland, Spaceclub and Blue Shell, at the exhibition M.A.I.S in Berlin, and at locations of Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft in Gießen.

Musicians/ Performers: Oliver Bedorf, Guido Karthaus, Sylvi Kretzschmar, Lorenz Kahlke, Thomas Schindler, Claude Peinzger, Cordula Poos, Antonio Fernandez de Medina, Jupp Galert, Stefan Schmidt, Wolke, Bernhard Rappenhöner, Franzi Bedorf and Samuel Horn.

Design bag microfunkbar – CD/ First Aid Kit: Claude Peinzger