Resonanz Im Fotoraum

Photo by Julia Horn

Performance by Oliver Bedorf
On 19 of Oct. 2016 at Fotoraum-Köln in the frame of AIC ON-weekend 21-23 October 2016
Dramaturgic advice: Philine Herrlein
Circa 20 minutes

For this performance at Fotoraum, I used both the interiour and the exteriour of the architecture as a resonance-chamber. Four Ghettoblasters that played different soundtracks were carried around one after another following a set choreography. By altering the ghettoblasters’ positions the sound impressions were also changing – for the audience as well as for the performer. At the same time the balance between these four soundtracks varied and the resonances changed. The soundtracks consisted of both site-specific recordings from the location itself and analogue electronic soundscapes. I sampled some camera-sounds from the Fotoraum-photographers and I created a percussion-soundscape out of it. This became one of the tracks. Another soundtrack consisted of an athmo, recorded during an exhibition-opening at Fotoraum. The devices were illuminated by mini-spotlights: traces of sound and traces of light. Audio-cassettes were used as sound-medium.

Thanks to Julia, Rosanna, Sibylle, Francesca, Bernadette, Thomas and to Franzi
Video: Tobias Schmücking
The AIC-ON-weekend was sponsored by Stadt Köln and by Stadtsparkasse Köln

RESONANZ IM FOTORAUM from Zero Solaris on Vimeo.