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cinema romantics

Concert and reading 90 min Zero Solaris: vocals & keys Graf Tati: vocals & guitar Miss Django: reading Anakin Sender: drums Marlene Dietrich in Marokko – secretly watched on my parents’ small black and white television when I was a little kid, through a crack in the door.Ingrid in Casablanca came later, then Grace Kelly […]

waschen schneiden hören – or – Cuts from the inside

waschen schneiden hören – or – “Cuts from The inside“ music and performance: Oliver Bedorf performance and dance: Philine Herrlein circa 50 minutes on 06.10.2019, 3 pm and 6 pm, punctual hairdressing salon „Pernille“, Reisstrasse 5 in Cologne admission 5,- € In 2018 Oliver Bedorf and Philine Herrlein created this site specific sound – and […]

waschen schneiden hören – or – “Cuts from The inside“ music and performance: Oliver Bedorf performance: Philine Herrlein photography & public relations: Rosanna D´Ortona circa 50 minutes on 24.11.2018 and on 25.121.2018, 8 pm punctual hairdressing salon „Jag´s Hair“, Brabanter Straße 33-35 free admission audience limited – please pre-register Funded by:       […]

Collaboration as a musician and as a performer on the theatre-piece I Am Your Private Dancer by Philine Velhagen. Theatre-dates: 28. & 29. Juni 2018, 8 pm, Theater HochX, Entenbachstraße 37, München Tickets


Setup for the sound-performance Eiki-Variations byTobias Schmücking und Oliver Bedorf. Shown within the frame of the festival-programme of Containerklang 8 / Film on 10.12.2017 at Artheater Cologne.

Klangturm/ Sonic tower

Klangturm sound-Installation for ghetto blasters and audio-cassettes Perceiving is a way of acting. Perception is not something, that happens to us, it is something we do (Alva Noë: Action in Perception) This installation is about exploring the aesthetics of room resonance while moving. I recorded various sounds when I first inspected the Lutherturm in Cologne, […]