cinema romantics

photo: Cécile Dupaquier

Concert and reading
90 min

Zero Solaris: vocals & keys
Graf Tati: vocals & guitar
Miss Django
: reading
Anakin Sender: drums

Marlene Dietrich in Marokko – secretly watched on my parents’ small black and white television when I was a little kid, through a crack in the door.Ingrid in Casablanca came later, then Grace Kelly in the Hitchcock movies of the 1950s. And then Romy Schneider in the French thrillers of the 1970s – complex, attractive and mysterious. David Lynch finally brought Nouvelle Vague to America and Isabella Rossellini sang Blue Velvet.Interesting, beautiful women were and are still mirror images of the emotional conflicts that are negotiated in the movies.
cinema romantics is an evening with pop-songs about both iconic movie actresses and their roles. The songs are played live in front of the movie screen, complemented by readings in which some of these divas themselves get a word. Sitting in the cinema chair, we hear songs and project our own film memories onto the screen. The cinema becomes a stage set for the cinema.

An evening with songs and texts about
Romy Schneider, Grace Kelly, Maggie Cheung, Isabella Rossellini, Pam Grier, Marilyn Monroe and other icons of cinema

The premiere of cinema romantics on 18.10.2019 at Filmclub 813 in Cologne was funded by Kulturamt der Stadt Köln and by Bezirksvertretung Köln Innenstadt.