Photo: Rosanna D´Ortona

waschen schneiden hören – or – “Cuts from The inside“
music and performance: Oliver Bedorf
performance: Philine Herrlein
photography & public relations: Rosanna D´Ortona
circa 50 minutes
on 24.11.2018 and on 25.121.2018,
8 pm punctual
hairdressing salon „Jag´s Hair“, Brabanter Straße 33-35
free admission
audience limited – please pre-register

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Collaboration as a musician and as a performer on the theatre-piece
I Am Your Private Dancer
by Philine Velhagen.

28. & 29. Juni 2018, 8 pm, Theater HochX, Entenbachstraße 37, München


Setup for the sound-performance Eiki-Variations byTobias Schmücking und Oliver Bedorf. Shown within the frame of the festival-programme of Containerklang 8 / Film on 10.12.2017 at Artheater Cologne.

Klangturm/ Sonic tower

Photo: O.Bedorf

sound-Installation for ghetto blasters and audio-cassettes

Perceiving is a way of acting.
Perception is not something, that happens to us, it is something we do
(Alva Noë: Action in Perception)

This installation is about exploring the aesthetics of room resonance while moving. I recorded various sounds when I first inspected the Lutherturm in Cologne, sounds of my movements inside of the rooms, sounds of my walking up and down the stairs, sounds of the popping noises of light switches when turned on or off. You can listen to these sounds on four ghettoblasters, that are stacked. During its monthlong display the installation will change its place repeatedly and the sounds are being played in the same rooms, in which they were recorded before.

06.10.2017 – 04.11.2017 Mi-Sa 16.00-20.00
04.11.2017 19.00-2.00 Museumsnacht Köln
Internationale Klangbasierte Künste
Lutherkirche, Südstadt, Köln

Publicly sponsored by Kulturamt der Stadt Köln.
In cooperation with Transfer International (NRW-Kultursekretariat), AIC ON (Art Initiatives Cologne) and Museumsnacht Köln.

no + politics or What We Want_sonic trailer

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My soundscapes for the site-specific dance theatre-piece:
no + politics or What We Want
by tatraum projekte schmidt
on 24.08.2017, 25.08.2017 and 26.08.2017 at
Kunstraum Bilk, Himmelgeister Str. 107, 40225 Düsseldorf

Resonanz Im Fotoraum

Photo by Julia Horn

Performance by Oliver Bedorf
On 19 of Oct. 2016 at Fotoraum-Köln in the frame of AIC ON-weekend 21-23 October 2016
Dramaturgic advice: Philine Herrlein
Circa 20 minutes

For this performance at Fotoraum, I used both the interiour and the exteriour of the architecture as a resonance-chamber. Four Ghettoblasters that played different soundtracks were carried around one after another following a set choreography. By altering the ghettoblasters’ positions the sound impressions were also changing – for the audience as well as for the performer. At the same time the balance between these four soundtracks varied and the resonances changed. The soundtracks consisted of both site-specific recordings from the location itself and analogue electronic soundscapes. I sampled some camera-sounds from the Fotoraum-photographers and I created a percussion-soundscape out of it. This became one of the tracks. Another soundtrack consisted of an athmo, recorded during an exhibition-opening at Fotoraum. The devices were illuminated by mini-spotlights: traces of sound and traces of light. Audio-cassettes were used as sound-medium.

Thanks to Julia, Rosanna, Sibylle, Francesca, Bernadette, Thomas and to Franzi
Video: Tobias Schmücking
The AIC-ON-weekend was sponsored by Stadt Köln and by Stadtsparkasse Köln

RESONANZ IM FOTORAUM from Zero Solaris on Vimeo.