Cinema Romantics

Release concert and reading
Saturday, February 11, 2023, 5 p.m.
Cinema Lichtspiele Kalk/ Cologne

The idea for Cinema Romantics came up a few years ago in a Berlin bar. Zero Solaris and Graf Tati scribbled the names of their favorite actresses on their beer mats – film divas they would like to make songs about. Maybe all would have been forgotten by the next morning, but the coasters reappeared and the two began songwriting.

With the support of Kulturamt Köln, Cinema Romantics recorded their debut album and had it pressed on vinyl. In February 2023 the album was released on streaming platforms. Lucas Croon mixed the music and Italian photographer Cristina Coral provided one of the magnificent pictures for the record cover. Cécile Dupaquier and Miss Django provided spoken word for the recording.

Cinema Romantics present their film songs in front of the screen of the Lichtspiele Kalk. Between the musical performances, Miss Django reads texts about the movie actresses. The audience sits in the cinema seats, listens to the music, remembers film scenes and cinema experiences. Cinema Romantics is a homage to the cinema.

A concert with songs about Romy Schneider, Isabella Rossellini, Jeanne Moreau, Marlene Dietrich, Charlotte Rampling, Maggie Cheung, Pam Grier, Marilyn Monroe and other cinema actresses & actors

Vocals und keys: Zero Solaris
Vocals und guitar: Graf Tati
Reading: Miss Django
Public relation: Rosanna D´Ortona

Photo Record-Cover: Making architecture series (2018) Cristina Coral

Cinema Romantics has been supported by Kulturamt Köln