Fous de toi

Summer concert in Boxberg on June 10, 2017

Tobias Schmücking edited a video for my song “Fous De Toi”. He also filmed the concert , where I played the song. „Fous De Toi“ was written in 1988 for my then girlfriend Ila Stuckenberg. Jule Bedorf , my sister, who spoke French a little better than me, translated the lyrics. I composed the music for “Fous De Toi” while jamming with Antonio Fernandez de Medina in 1988. Clémence Bosselut revised the lyrics for the 2017 version. In 2017, I gave a concert for friends and family in Riki and Wolfgang’s spacious garden – with coffee and Swedish cinnamon rolls. Matthias Knopp and Wolfgang Bedorf provided photos for the video. Thanks to you all!